1. 41 Recs: Avengers and 1 XMFC

    So I’m back from my hiatus and I have recs for you all today! 41 Recs total. Pairings recced are:

    27 Thorki | 4 Hiddlesworth | 4 SteveTony | 2 TonyLoki | 1 Gen | 1 Bruce/Clint
    | 1 CoulsonClint | 1 XMFC (Erik/Charles)

    For previous recs, click on my Avengers Masterlist.

    Also, I’ve been away from tumblr since the beginning of July so I have lots to catch up on T___T If you know of any recent fics posted on tumblr/the kink meme, I would be very grateful if you could rec me some…Thanks!

    And now, onwards with the recs.


    Asgard/Movie AU

    Eight Months of a Century - stereobone {NC-17 |Asgard |Mpreg}
    "Six weeks ago," Loki says, when Thor remains silent. "Surely you remember."

    I Was Never Sorry - boynamedjacket {R |Asgard}
    Thor has been strong and brave since he was very young, but has difficulty facing his own shortcomings and doubts; Loki is a master of deception, but is best at deceiving himself. Despite their differences, one thing seems to hold their tumultuous relationship together. The majority of this fic takes place pre-films, when Thor and Loki are children/adolescents.

    Beyond Borders - mintleaf  {R |Asgard}
    This is what they are, what they do during the time they have when it’s just them, free in a way Asgard could never allow them to be.

    the only thing - kiyala {PG |First Kiss |Asgard}
    Thor, in his teens, knows exactly why he wants to spend so much time with his brother. It might be a bad idea, but that doesn’t stop him.

    Right For You - ofamaranthlie {NC-17 |Asgard |Avengers |Possessive!Thor}
    Thor has always been very possessive of Loki. Deanoning from this prompt from norsekink: “The five times Thor scared away one of Loki’s potential suitors and the one time Loki didn’t mind.”

    we’re halfway to complete - kiyala {NC-17 |Asgard}
    After watching Thor getting rough and dirty in the training yard, Loki helps him relax in the royal baths.

    Unwelcome. - kiyala {PG |Asgard}
    After a run-in with enemy spell-casters, Thor’s soul is pushed into Loki’s body and they are forced to share more space than Loki was ever willing to.

    Princess of the Realm - thanatopis {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Genderswap |Asgard}
    Loki, for shits and giggles turns Thor into Lady Thor, and of course, it leads to sex. “Milady, you look good enough to eat.”

    The Games We Play - Captain_Loki {NC-17 |Genderswap |Asgard}
    Before Loki has a full grasp on the magic he wields he often finds himself gender swapped, and two boys and their budding sexuality begin something that starts as a simple exploration and develops. But Loki is unsure just what he means to Thor.

    Blindside - gothicdragon752 {R |Asgard |Jealous!Thor}
    Thor takes up Loki’s suggestion to sample Midgardian nightlife. He was not aware it would be a life-changing decision.

    the only place that I call home - kiyala {NC-17 |Amnesia | Canon!au}
    Loki has always seen Thor at his regular bar every Friday night after work. But once they start talking, everything begins to change and soon, Loki begins questioning everything that he thought he knew about himself.

    AU: Canon

    Empty Pursuit - anno_Hreog  {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Arranged Marriage |Incest |WIP}
    Loki is a jotunn bastard and can’t marry a prince. Thor won’t settle for anything less than what he wants. Jotunheim schemes and Asgard throws a royal wedding.

    Transaction - EliraWinter {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Canon!AU |WIP}
    AU - The young Jotun Prince, Loki, is given to Asgard as a bride for Thor in exchange for peace.

    Two Princes / Learning How to Crawl - Sans_Souci {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Arranged Marriage |Canon!AU}
    Fish-out-of-water story. AU. Banished to Midgard for ages, Thor and Loki are not happy campers. Or even happily married for that matter. But they still hold true to their oaths.

    Peculiarity - junes_discotheque {NC-17 |Submissive!Thor |Alpha/Omega}
    Loki’s a dominant Omega. When he goes into heat, he decides his submissive Alpha, Thor, is just the thing he needs to take care of it. (Or, Loki screws with standard Alpha-Omega dynamics and gets what he wants: Thor’s knot.)

    O Gentle Sleep - mintleaf {R |Jotun!Loki |AU}
    The silver tongued king shines so brightly, Thor sees why Jotunheim needs no sun.

    Fire and Hemlock - anno_Hreog  {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Post-Avengers |WIP}
    Balder falls into Asgard, Loki is cursed, and Thor is just looking for his brother.

    Or, how to break a spell with dragons in it. Post-Avengers. For norsekink: Balder+Loki Spirited Away AU. Ended up being Loki/Thor because.


    Morning After Dark - miikkaa_xx {NC-17 |Post- Avengers |Pining!Thor}
    Thor has lived most of his life secretly loving his brother, and while they’re not related by blood, he still feels guilty. Sometime after The Avengers, enter an injured and unconscious Loki on his doorstep, who wakes up needy, begging, and drugged out of his mind - wanting nothing more than for Thor to just give in.

    Funeral Games - Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama)  {R |Avengers |WIP}
    There are many ways in which to honour your dead. In many respects, however, it helps considerably if they kindly stay that way while you do so.
    (A triptych of three semi-related drabbles about the grieved and grieving.)

    all the shattered ones - ofamaranthlie{PG-13 |Post-Avengers}
    Loki is released from Asgard’s prison, and he struggles not only with fitting in with Asgardian society, but also with who he is.

    all the blankets in the world couldn’t help - thegroovygatsby {PG-13 |Post-Avengers}
    No one can help Loki with this. Not even Thor. Light Thorki and slight post-movie AU.

    Too Late - griseldajane {PG-13 |Hurt!Thor |Protective!Loki}
    Loki kneels over him, placing his palms on his shoulders.

    “Be still,” he commands, his voice tight.

    “Loki…” Thor says and he tastes blood.

    “Do not move,” Loki hisses. His eyes leave Thor’s, flitting to the wound that has split him open, spilling his insides across the dirt.


    White Carnations - Canute {R |Human!AU |High School AU |Non-con}
    Maybe Thor never really realized how much he had until now, when it’s walking away from him. To be fair, maybe Loki never really did, either.

    Balance - JeanSouth {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Mobster!AU}
    Loki/Thor mobster AU. Loki tops. Also, guns.

    The Fault is Not in Our Stars - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Troy!AU |WIP}
    After a long and wretched campaign, Asgard has conquered Jotunheim. To ensure King Laufey’s cooperation and later friendship between the kingdoms, Asgard takes home the apparent heir to the throne, Loki Laufeyson. Loki is, unfortunately, anything but complacent.


    Veni Vidi Vici - miikkaa_xx {NC-17 |Comics}
    This is the tale of the slow, desperate, come-splattered and sweat-soaked seduction of one Loki Laufeyson for his older, wiser and totally future incestuous bedmate, Thor Odinson. (filthy, dirty PWP!fic)

    A Twist in Perceptions - keelywolfe {NC-17 |Journey Into Mystery |Dubcon}
    Later, Thor would blame himself. He was no magician, no sorcerer but still, he blamed himself because there was no one else to blame.

    Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston

    Between Us Now, Two Thrown Together - Fickle_Obsessions {NC-17 |AU}
    A picture of Tom got me and a friend all worked up (nothing new). But this time we got together and plotted out a bit of what would happen if that dapper early 20th century Tom went walking and came across a good looking and very forward lower class lad like Chris.

    A Regular Disney Princess - glayish {NC-17 |Bottom!Chris}
    Chris has always been so charming, for such a typically alpha male kind of guy. And it’s hard not to notice what a man Chris makes, with biceps the size of Tom’s head and that wonderfully rumbling voice. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how someone who’s the walking definition of manhood could ever be so beautifully kind, sensitive, sweet.

    A Lesson Not Learnt - Elsian {NC-17 |Crossover: SWATH/The Hollow Crown}
    Prince Hal and his raucous companions are often a source of irritation for the Huntsman, disturbing many a quiet evening when he would simply like to drink in peace. Finally he has enough, and decides to teach arrogant Hal a lesson via his fists, but it doesn’t go quite according to plan. He isn’t so sure he minds.

    Ymyl y Byd - brodinsons (aeon_entwined) {NC-17 |Crossover: SWATH/The Hollow Crown}
    The Prince of Wales has never enjoyed the thought of combat, of raising his sword against a fellow soldier just as frightened of taking a life as he. But with war looming on the horizon, he has little choice in the matter.


    Ricochet - scribblscrabbl {PG-13}
    Five times Steve punches Tony and one time he does something else entirely.

    Stark Family Values - herlovewasajoke {PG-13 |Series |WIP |Crossover: Amazing Spiderman}
    Of all the people for Richard and Mary to come to, why on earth did they choose Tony?

    How to become a Superhero and gain a family (minus the picket fence) {PG-13 |Crossover: Batman Nolanverse}
    Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have been friends since they were fifteen. SPOILERS FOR THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

    The Fear of Consequences - kepteinen {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Get together}
    It really isn’t a problem. Then one day, Tony looks at Steve and thinks, shit. It might be mutual.


    Of Plans Gone Awry - Like_a_Hurricane {NC-17 |AU |Crossover: Hellboy}
    Set in a universe fairly similar to the Hellboy comics, with a hint of greek mythology and themes from the movie Labyrinth thrown in. Somehow: not crack. Tony Stark is a mad inventor working for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense with a tendency to be reckless on missions in the field. Loki is an easily bored Fey prince from an obscure kingdom Alfheim. They both have poor timing insofar as romantic developments.

    Missing You - Like_a_Hurricane {NC-17 |Genderswap}
    A little vignette of a scene, in response to the succinct prompt, “fem!Tony/fem!Loki <3 :D”. Loki returns from a long absence with a few ideas, and a guise Toni hasn’t seen the trickster wear before.


    In the Company of Friends - DarkestSight (Daylight) {PG-13 |GEN |Arc reactor}
    Tony wakes up feeling like crap and finds himself longing for the times he lived alone and it was a lot easier to get a simple cup of coffee.


    All Dimensions of Life - sinuous_curve {NC-17 |Kink: Watersports}
    For about three months after Columbia, Clint more or less backed off the whole thing. Not that it was even really a thing at that point, more an idea sitting in the back of his brain. A sense, maybe, that he’d stumbled across something with more significance than he’d intended.


    SHIELD Has Paperwork for Everything - scifigrl47 {PG-13 |Get together}
    Clint Barton knows where his loyalties lie, and they have more to do with his handler than his employer. Phil Coulson takes his responsibilities seriously, and a big part of his job is protecting the specialist in his care from any threat to his well-being.

    At this rate, neither of them is going to get a date. Natasha Romanov has other ideas, and the only side she’s on is her own.

    X-MEN Crossover

    Took Me By Surprise and Then - thehoyden {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Post-divorce}
    After the second surgery in New York, Charles doesn’t anticipate anyone keeping vigil by his bedside — and certainly not Tony Stark.

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